Located in the heart of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa city, safely nestled between the National Palace and the Prime Minister’s residence, the Sheraton Addis sits on a hilltop overlooking the city with plunging views and acres of space just 20 minutes from Bole International Airport. Mixing African refinement with modern accents, its unique design is the epitome of gracious living.

From glittering pools featuring enchanting underwater music, indulgent menu of soothing massages at the hotel’s Aqva Club to a number of Gourmet Restaurants with numerous sophisticated options to dine and socialize, the Sheraton Addis delights all the senses. Around-the-clock service and fine amenities await in 295 rooms and suites designed to delight with exceptional comfort and personalised attention.

For utmost privacy, secluded three-floor villas provide opulent retreats with personal outdoor pools.


EIMC 2020 will take place at the Sheraton Addis which is located in the heart of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa city, 20 minutes away from the Bole International Airport.


Addis Ababa is a high altitude city at 2,400 meters above sea level. Safety standards are relatively good, although similar precautions as in other metropolitan hubs should be taken.

Language – The official working language in Addis Ababa is Amharic. However, English is also widely spoken.

Ethiopian Customs – While it is not illegal to carry large sums of cash as you enter Ethiopia, you must declare any amount above USD 3,000, and keep all receipts of currency exchanges while you are in the country. Please ask for the appropriate declaration forms on your flight, or ask an immigration officer after landing.

Getting Around – There is a large and efficient network of blue and white minibus taxis and ‘contract’ taxis that cover the city, which are easy to hail from the side of the road. For easy access and also safety, you can also call 8120 for a metered taxi service.

Safety – Addis Ababa is considered to be a very safe city. However, for your safety, please be vigilant at all times. Petty theft, pickpockets and purse snatching are common crimes when opportune. They can occur at any time of the day and night; be alert and please follow these guidelines:

  • Keep to the central parts of Addis Ababa and do not be tempted to go to places that you are not sure of;
  • Keep to main roads and avoid shortcuts along back alleys etc.;
  • Do not display high value jewellery, especially while walking;
  • Never walk alone at night, even for a short distance.

Health – Visitors should have a valid health certificate for yellow fever if coming from risk countries.

The United Nations Health Centre, situated on the ground floor of the UNCC, provides emergency medical services during working hours at a fee to participants/delegates attending meetings.

Water – It is not recommended that you drink tap water during your stay in Addis Ababa; bottled water is readily available.

Eletricity – The electricity supply in Ethiopia is 220V/50Hz. Please remember to bring the appropriate convertors for your 110V electrical goods.

Currency – The local currency is the Ethiopian Birr. All local banks provide currency exchange services with an exchange rate that is uniform. Please note that it is illegal to exchange your currency on the black market – only deal with official banks. All major hotels have FOREX services. Click here for the most up-to-date rates. Please keep in mind that only major currencies are accepted for exchange.

ATMs are widely available in hotels and around the city. VISA cards are widely accepted, and some ATMs now accept MasterCard as well. Almost all transactions are cash based, so please plan accordingly.

Mobile Phones – Your phone must be “unlocked” in order for it to work in Ethiopia. You may be able to use your mobile phone in Addis Ababa by incurring roaming charges. Alternatively, you can buy local pre-paid SIM cards for less than USD 20. Blackberry messaging services are not available in Ethiopia.