Munishwar Persaud

Country Director - STEM

Munish PersaudĀ is currently the Project Director of the Strengthening Education for Mining Project (STEM) Project. He is a natural resource sector innovation facilitator with over 25 years of experience. During the course of his career, he held a central role in managing large projects and facilitating innovation within difficult resource challenged and conflict prone contexts in Africa and the Caribbean. Mr. Persaud uses his diverse background in education, natural resource management and in natural resource based rural development to facilitate holistic multi-stakeholder approaches to sectoral problem solving, capacity networking and program implementation. He is recognized for his strategic capacity networking expertise that leads to sustainable improvements in sector performance including in developing and troubleshooting programs in remote conflict and disaster susceptible mining areas. Mr. Persaud has both managed and evaluated several large projects in Southern and Eastern Africa, South America and the Caribbean Region.

Mr. Persaud has a wide range of experience in building alliances, facilitation of multi-stakeholder problem solving processes and policy engagement, institutional change processes, and rural development and mining livelihood strategy formulation and evaluation. He is very experienced in facilitating social learning and consensus on critical issues based on the diverse and nuanced views of different stakeholders. Through this process, he facilitates strong relations between governmental, NGO and private sector stakeholders for cooperation, collaboration and complementarity as the basis for coordinated action.