Geremew Negassa

Director, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum

Mr. Geremew Negassa is currently Head, Grant and International Cooperation Office since June 2019. He was Director of Planning Directorate for five years prior to his new role. Geremew has also worked for Geological Survey of Ethiopia in different professional capacities as geophysicist and also as a senior editor producing several mineral promotional materials, editorial works on geoscience manuscripts and compilation of technical proceedings at the Geological Survey of Ethiopia. Having had the experience of leading and supervising many company projects as a freelancer, he has developed the essential skills required for leading people, coordinating activities and harnessing resources to meet an organization’s objectives.

Mr. Geremew holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics (1996), Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & International Relations in (2007) from Addis Ababa University, and obtained a Master of Arts in Leadership and Good Governance from the Ethiopian Civil Service University in 2014. He is certified to work as an expert in issues related to Mineral Policy, after obtaining a certificate of competence in Mineral Policy and Contract Negotiations from the African Institute for Economic Planning and Development (Dakar, Senegal) in 2016.