Amman Makkonen

Amman Makonnen is the owner of Mallian Mining and Construction Services LLC focusing on the provision of drilling, and blasting services, as well as mining consultancy, based in the United States, since 2013. 

While working on opportunities to expand its drilling and blasting services in Ethiopia. Mr. Makonnen an Ethiopian American, has worked over fifteen years in the mining industry, with extensive knowledge of drilling and blasting, the equipment, tools, and operations of a blast hole drilling rig, as well as the safe use of industrial explosives. Prior to his engagement with Mallian Mining and Construction Services, he held several positions as a mining engineer, surface mine foreman, and blaster in various mining, construction companies in the United States since 1998. 

Mr. Makonnen has a Mining Engineering degree from Virginia Tech, and has received further training in the use of computer applications in Mine design, and planning, and development. In his continued endeavors to expand operations in Ethiopia, he has a registered company in Ethiopia named Maya Mining PLC., which is in the process of getting its business license.