TEBITA Ambulance Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical service PLC is the first private sector emergency medical service company in Ethiopia. Mr. Kibret Abebe a licensed nurse anaesthetist with more than 25 years of experience within the health care founded TEBITA in 2008.

TEBITA gives a 24/7 ambulance service, Remote Medical Assistance to multinational companies operating in Ethiopia, First aid and health safety Training for Health and non Health Professionals and ground evacuation  services throughout the country.

To date, TEBITA has engaged in more than 15 big Remote Area Projects. Our goal is to guarantee Mining and Industrial institutions which are providing employment benefits to Ethiopians, covered adequately from health point of view and to forbid any isolated accident that endures work in this fast paced economy.

Some of the International organizations that engaged us in their project includes: Yapi Merkezi, Siemens AG, Hilong, Isulox Corsan, Heineken Brewery S.C, Orchid Business Group, Dangote, etc