Mallian Mining and Construction Services

Improve production-Increase profitability-Reduce environmental impact

Mallian Mining, and Construction Services,(MMCS), began operations in January 2014, in the U.S.A by contracting out its drilling, and blasting services to Quarry mines, and construction companies in Mid-Atlantic area. These operations are continuing today, and will provide a path to expand our services into Ethiopia.

With drilling, and blasting equipment supplied from our US operations, MMCS Ethiopia will
provide its services to the mining, and construction industries which have been identified as sectors that are significant for the potential economic growth of the

MMCS, will also provide mining development, and explosives handling consultancy
services, further enhancing the abilities of private and public sector entities to engage in
mining, and construction. We will be consulting with government entities with regards to
capacity building for the safe handling, storage, and manufacture of explosives, and with
private mine operators concerning cost efficient, and environmentally conscious exploration, and extraction methods of their ore bodies.

In partnership with internationally known explosive manufacturing companies, MMCS will
venture into supplying Ethiopia, and the horn of Africa with readily accessible civil
explosives products. Initially, by becoming an in-country representative of these
international companies and then continuing on to manufacture the explosives locally.