Circum Minerals Ltd

Circum Minerals Ltd. is a private company developing a world class potash deposit in the Danakil Basin of North-eastern Ethiopia.  The Danakil Potash Project is a significant stand-alone deposit with a mineral resource of 4.9 billion tonnes of potash salts within an overall estimated 13 Billion tonnes of total potash rich mineral salts located within the project area.

Circum Mineral’s project is unique in that it has been designed to produce both sulfate of potash (SOP) as well as muriate of potash (MOP) with a minimal carbon footprint. Phase 1 will produce 750,000 tonnes per year SOP and then expand to produce in total 3.5 million tonnes potash per year. As the project is a world-leader in terms of both technology and cost, rapid expansions are planned.

All required exploration, reporting and permitting is complete and the company plans to become the largest potash fertilizer producer in Ethiopia, partnering Ethiopia’s economic growth.