ALS Geochemistry is part of ALS Limited (formerly Campbell Brothers Ltd), one of the largest assay testing companies in the world; the company trades on the Australian Stock Exchange, under the symbol ALQ and its headquarters are located in Brisbane, Australia.

ALS commenced operations in Queensland, Australia in 1974 to provide geochemical services to the mineral resources sector. Applying simple business strategies of quality service, convenience and innovative technology, the Minerals business grew from a single laboratory in Brisbane to a diversified global testing and technical services organization with service offerings that support mining and mineral exploration, commodity certification, environmental monitoring, asset care and equipment maintenance, food and pharmaceutical quality assurance and industrial operations; today the company employs more than 14,000 staff at over 370 locations.

The ALS Geochemistry division operates a number of hub labs, preparation labs and mine control labs, also under a set of globally standardized procedures, compliance to quality standards and through the operation of a centralized quality information management system or LIMS (known within ALS as “GEMS”; in continuous use since year 1999).